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The Towers are the load bearing structure of the Zia Babele modular system and can be assembled by stacking the units. The single-unit tower (33 x 33 x 40 cm), for example, is ideal as a bedside table or small piece of furniture near an armchair or divan. Stacking a number of units, up to six, we have vertical container solutions. Each unit, made of solid natural oak, has shelves in matt acrylic and has four book holders. Each unit can also be partly or completely enclosed, using sides in acrylic of various colours and thickness, or transparent doors with magnetic closures. On request the available colours are: black, red, blue, smoke and transparent or mirror.

We can also personalise the furniture function using as accessories book and CD holders, bottle racks.

The Towers, within the wide range of home furniture are ideal to optimize space. Thanks to their minimal size and vertical arrangement, they are ideal space-savers suited to all needs. Further, their design and production are 100% made in Italy.


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Zia Babele | Tower 1 modul

Product no.: BATO1
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Zia Babele | Tower 2 moduls

Product no.: BATO2
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Zia Babele | Tower 3 moduls

Product no.: BATO3
387.00 *
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Delivery weight: 5.3 kg

Zia Babele | Tower 4 moduls

Product no.: BATO4
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Delivery weight: 6.8 kg

Zia Babele | Tower 5 moduls

Product no.: BATO5
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Delivery weight: 8.3 kg

Zia Babele | Tower 6 moduls

Product no.: BATO6
732.00 *
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Delivery weight: 9.8 kg
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